Spectacular!!! Great work John!!!

Jonathan Demme, Director “Silence of the Lambs” “Philadelphia”

I could not have been more pleased with the addition of John Lund. He was a pleasure to work with and liaised seamlessly with our VFX and Art departments resulting in him being very prepared prior to his boarding sessions with Duncan, our director. To top it off, he is a true gentleman. Hire him immediately. Unless I’m shooting in Vancouver at the time.

Stuart Fenegan, Executive Producer “Warcraft”

Directors couldn’t ask for a better storyboard artist than John. His credits are outstanding and speak for themselves. John worked with me on the new Showcase series Continuum and the FOX drama Fringe and his contribution was essential in imagining sequences that were VFX heavy. He sets a great collaborative tone in prep and produced work very quickly.

Jon Cassar, Producer/Director “24” & “Terra Nova” /Director, ” Fringe” & “Continuum”

As Supernatural’s resident artist, John worked with the majority of our directors. He would collaborate with them, listening as they explained their shot design, and often give valuable creative input himself, resulting in a storyboard sequence drawn with great care and artistry. He helped us see our complicated stunt or VFX sequences before we ever rolled camera, and that was invaluable. I recommend John highly.

Eric Kripke, Creator/Executive Producer “Supernatural”

John is one of the best and most creative storyboard artists I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. On a tight schedule, he provided exactly what was required and went beyond the call of duty to make sure it was delivered on time. A thoroughly good guy.

Nick Powell, Stunt Coordinator, “The Bourne Identity”, “the Last Samurai”

John, thanks for all your great work. Amazing!

Kim Manners, Executive Producer/Director “Supernatural”, “The X-Files”

John Lund and I have worked closely together on a variety of television shows (Supernatural, Fringe, Alcatraz) over the last eight years. The speed and quality of his work has meant he is my go-to guy in Vancouver. As a director, I know I can rely on him to deliver the quality of storyboard that supports the tone and vision required for the sequence. His boards are very precise and this is invaluable to me during the preproduction and the shoot. He listens carefully, is enthusiastic and whenever asked, he’ll offer supportive ideas that have always proven helpful. John obviously loves what he does and that makes my job a lot easier, it’s always a pleasure to sit down with him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Charles Beeson, Director, “Fringe”, “Supernatural”, “Alcatraz”

John has been a great asset to my commercial production team. He has a true understanding in interpreting my plans to storyboards. He delivers top quality work in record time. I highly recommend John.

Howard Rose, Director

John was extremely helpful hashing out a director’s vision for my visual effects team. Over the course of several seasons on Eureka, we worked on numerous episodes together. Many times John was requested early in the visual effects process to help get all the different departments on the same page. Occasionally, we’d provide him with models or elements that he would seamlessly work into his storyboards to make our subjective discussions more accessible for everyone on the crew.

Matthew S. Gore, Visual Effects, “Eureka”

John has been instrumental in realizing our new and improved cinematic vision on Eureka. For the last 34 episodes we have expanded our reach into more compelling storytelling and John has been a valuable collaborator to help realize this bold direction. Working with him on the myriad of action and complicated visual effects has been an absolute pleasure. We’re looking forward to many more years of kick-ass fun.

Matthew Hastings, Producer/Director, “Originals” “Alphas” “Eureka”

John is a very versatile and professional storyboard artist in many ways. He can react promptly and adequately to any given schedule or deadline. He can adapt to the wide variety of directors and help deliver their vision in storyboard format. John always hits the mark.

Phillip Fyfe, Production Manager

John has proven himself to be a invaluable asset on our creative team. The reviews from out directors have always been positive. He has also liaised with our Art department, ensuring the look and design of our sets is accurately represented on his boards. John always makes his schedule work with ours. Through it all, he’ll arrive with a smile on his face and leave with one too.

Bradley Jubenville, Production Manager, “Eureka”

John is a pleasure to work with, He’s our “go-to” guy. He always comes in with a smile, lots of energy and the best part is, he is always willing to give his great creative advice to our projects. John packs a wonderful work ethic, awesome attitude and is a great asset to our creative process. I would highly recommend John for any project, big or small.

Jamie Erikson, Producer, Bear Studios